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DIY Kinesiology Kit Resources – Kerry


DIY Kinesiology Kit Resources – Kerry Download. Welcome to the DIY Kinesiology Kit resources page. You’ll find everything you need here to begin your proce…

Welcome to the DIY Kinesiology Kit resources page. You’ll find everything you need here to begin your process of becoming more aligned. Take your time.

DIY Kinesiology Kit Resources by Kerry,
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DIY Kinesiology Kit Resources


Welcome to the DIY Kinesiology Kit resources page. You’ll find everything you need here to begin your process of becoming more aligned. Take your time.

Your e-books

These two e-books will introduce you to the DIY Kinesiology Kit and my unique Alignment Process. Your goals e-book provides some ideas for how you might approach working with the kit, and space for your own reflection and goal setting in different areas of your life.

  • Read your DIY Kinesiology Kit ebook
  • Print off a copy of your Little Book of Inspiring Goals e-book and start focusing on the goals you’d like to align to

Alignment Process Worksheet

You will use the Alignment Process worksheet as you go through the audio below. You may wish to print it and handwrite your answers, type up your responses, or just follow the prompts and write your answers in a journal.

Alignment process worksheet

Chakra Cards

You use your Chakra cards to show you where you’re misaligned in relation to your goal. You will need to print them off and cut them out before you get started aligning to your goals. You may wish to print them onto card or to laminate them.

Chakra Cards

Bonus: Chakra Blocks e-book

I created a manual to make it a little easier for you explore the blocks that come up for you with each of the Chakra Cards. It includes question prompts for each chakra block which will aid your reflection. I recommend you print this e-book off. Many people have theirs bound or put in a folder and this makes it much easier to access the prompts as you go through your alignments. Your other alternative is to open the e-book on your laptop, phone or iPad when you need it.

Chakra Blocks e-book

Alignment Process audio guide

The Alignment Process is my own unique process for aligning to your goals and in this audio I talk you through it. Please use the alignment process audio to guide you as you align to your goal. You need your worksheet and Chakra cards handy before you start the audio. You will use the EFT video below part way through the process.

Alignment process audio

Some people like to use the audio every time they go through the Alignment Process, others use it for a while until confident with the process, and then just use the worksheet, or notes in a journal.

EFT Video

Clear your conscious and subconscious fears! Use this video once you have identified the block in relation to your goal and where you can feel it in your body. You will be prompted to use the video as you go through the Alignment process audio.

Another EFT video I created.

Acupressure Video

Get clear, calm and focused! Use this video after you’ve completed your alignment, to help everything integrate.

Make Your Big Goals Come True

Here’s the link to a recording of the live call from Feb 11th 2013.

Please don’t share the resources or login details for this page with others, you can just direct them to the DIY Kinesiology Kit page so they can purchase access too.

Can’t wait to hear how you go aligning to your goals! Let me know on the Facebook page, or contact me.

Do you want to use the cards in a session with your own clients?

Once you are well-practiced in the process some people like to use the process in a session with clients. I am happy for you to do this. Please refer to it as: Kerry Rowett’s alignment process and let your clients know if they want to learn more or use the process themselves they can take a look at

It is of course not appropriate to direct them to this resources page; they need to purchase their own access to the kit.

Have your own business?

We go much further with the Alignment Process in my group program for entrepreneurs: Align + Attract. This program is now available as an Evergreen program, meaning you can join us right now.

If you’d love to feel more aligned in your business on a much deeper level, and resonate with my Alignment Process, I highly recommend you join us. The energy in the program is truly amazing and participants often describe it as life-changing.

Congrats on taking this step to get more in alignment with your goals.

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