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Emotional – Mental Detox – Anonymous


Emotional – Mental Detox – Anonymous Download. Eliminate the emotional/mental causes of illness and injury, allowing your body to begin healing itself.

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Eliminate the emotional/mental causes of illness and injury, allowing your body to begin healing itself.
Reduce and eventually eliminate stress and drama so you can settle into a more peaceful, graceful life.

Emotional by Mental Detox – Anonymous,
Salepage link: At HERE. Archive: http://archive.is/VlrO7

Shed Density

Raise Your Frequency

Master Your Thoughts and Emotions

Upgrade Your Subconscious Programming

The Emotional-Mental Detox can help you:

  • Eliminate the emotional/mental causes of illness and injury, allowing your body to begin healing itself.
  • Reduce and eventually eliminate stress and drama so you can settle into a more peaceful, graceful life.
  • Eliminate regrettable emotional triggers so you can enjoy healthy, nourishing relationships.
  • Eliminate subconscious lack, limitation and unworthiness programming that restrics your ability to receive abundance of love and prosperity.
  • Restore the flow of energy, love, creativity and prosperity.
  • Feel calm, grounded and centered in any situation, empowered to make decisions from wisdom and compassion.
  • Remove energetic blocks and restore the flow of life force to you, for more vitality & well-being.
  • Release all programming from other people, so you can be your True Self and live your life purpose.

When you detoxify your Mind and Emotions, you’ll also enjoy …

  • More energy
  • Improved health
  • Inner peace
  • Emotional freedom
  • A more grounded, centered, connected state of being
  • Increased intuition
  • Mental clarity
  • Improved relationship with yourself and all others
  • Energetic Balance of: Mind & Heart; Thinking & Feeling; Giving & Receiving
  • Heart Intelligence for strong inner guidance
  • Increased flow of love, life, prosperity

So what exactly is the Emotional-Mental Detox Program™?

It’s a cutting-edge, “consciousness technology” which uses high frequency

  • Light
  • Sound
  • Intention
  • Breath

To create powerful, permanent change in your life.

The program is delivered in a series of Self-Healing, Guided Meditations. These meditations are formatted to let you purify your physical, emotional, mental and energy bodies of toxic thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, emotions and energetic distortions.

Quick, Easy, Graceful

Imagine lying down with your headset (easy) for one hour (quick) and listening to a soft, relaxing, loving feminine voice (graceful) guide you to simply imagine certain colors, shapes and pictures; and then repeat specific, positive intentions, all while doing specific breathing techniques.

You don’t have to remember or feel the pain.

You don’t have talk about it.

You don’t have to forgive or apologize.

While you breathe, you listen to her voice describe how a high harmonic frequency is neutralizing all the resentment, anger, rage, hatred and jealousy that you never fully expressed in your life. She describes how the harmonic frequencies are neutralizing the painful memories of abandonment, betrayal, rejection and abuse.

Here’s What You Get

Getting Started

The Emotional-Mental Detox Program consists of six detox sessions that transform negative patterns into harmonious experiences. Plus bonus items that support your detox. Guided meditation is a perfect delivery method for this consciousness technology.

Self-Assessment Tool

This Self-Assessment Tool helps you to measure your internal relationship with yourself and life. It’s a “Before” and “After” picture of how much you have detoxed and expanded.

Triple Flame Energy Field Detox

In order to truly detoxify and upgrade your subconscious, the first thing you need are clear ‘channels’ so that toxicity of Body-Mind-Emotions-Spirit can be release with grace and ease. The Energy Field Detox does exactly this. You can use the Energy Field Detox prior to every other session as well, to make the very most of your program.

This detox will:

  • Open up the ‘Communication Bridge’ between your Super-conscious, Conscious, Subconscious levels of the mind
  • Purify your body’s Energy Pathways
  • Release dense, repressed energies with Grace and Ease
  • Prepare and Support your physical and energy bodies for making lasting change

Detox Sessions

Male Aspect Detox

Detoxing Your Relationship With:

  • Father, Men, Mind and Matter
  • Abandonment, betrayal, victimization
  • Anger, rage, hatred, resentment
  • Manipulation, control, enslavement

After detoxing, you are able to replace distrust, defense and constriction with openhearted trust and allowance for males and male expressions of energy. With the negative memories and emotions of the past gone, you are free to be in the present moment and respond consciously. You will develop the ability to deeply discern truth and integrity in yourself and others. You will make wise and healthy choices. Your inner female and inner child will finally be able to trust the balanced, healthy, mature inner male.

Female Aspect Detox

Detoxing Your Relationship With:

  • Mother, Women, Heart and Soul
  • Matriarchal Systems, Mother Earth and Nature
  • Humiliation, co-dependence, suppression

Activate your feminine (right-brain) qualities of beauty, intuition, creativity, receptivity and perceptions of the unseen and unknown. You will replace suppression, distrust, defense and constriction with openhearted trust and allowance for females and feminine expressions of energy. You will find yourself better able to trust your intuition and express your creativity. Your inner male and inner child will finally be able to trust the inner female and the gifts she brings. Your inner child will feel safer being in your body and on the planet.

Fear Detox

Detox Your Relationship With:

  • Fear, Terror, Panic,
  • Worry, Anxiety, Doubt

Fears are used to control behavior in families, schools, churches, commerce and recreation. These patterns were originally used to socialize us so we would be accepted in community.

Anxiety, worry, self-doubt are all milder forms of fear, yet they are messages that are being broadcast on a constant basis through the media and airwaves. The persistent, cumulative affect can depress the immune system. Fear blocks creative expression and the ability to explore and experiment with new ideas and modes in our approach to life.

During the session, all manner of fear is neutralized and transformed into openhearted, loving, blatant courage, in all affairs of the heart and all of one’s experiences of power.

Pain Detox

Detox Your Relationship With

  • Pain, Sorrow, Grief
  • Despair, Bitterness, Depression

The deepest level of suppression deals with all of the ancient ancestral and race wounds. The activity of hurt, pain, sorrow and grief constantly create upheaval and conflict in our work and personal relationships. We have no other choice but to recreate the same situations as they occurred in the distant dead past. These disruptive patterns of behavior are transformed into openhearted, unconditional love and deep compassion for self and others.

Guilt Detox

Detox Your Relationship With:

  • Guilt, Judgment, Jealousy
  • Blame, Shame, Punishment
  • Self-pity, Unworthiness, Arrogance

Judgment and blame are also devices used for manipulation and control. The resulting emotions of guilt and shame immobilize us, destroy our self-worth and keep us from rising to our true potential and fulfilling our soul’s purpose. Without purpose, our lives can be passionless and unsatisfying, leading to persistent anxiety and depression. This dense energy is transformed into openhearted, radiant joy, shear enjoyment and deep pleasure.

Lack Detox

Lack, limitation, scarcity ~~ Unfortunately it’s programmed into our consciousness from the moment we are born and re-enforced continuously. It’s time to detoxify this from our body, mind, heart and soul.

Even people who may be considered “well-off” by others may be operating from lack and limitation consciousness. Fear of loosing their wealth, fear of being taken advantage of, insecurity about whether your friends are true ~ these are all symptoms.

Lack consciousness can also show up in other ways because at the core, it is a fear or lack of trust in the abundant flow of energy. Other examples are lack of energy, love, intelligence, creativity and passion.

In this session, we will detox lack, limitation, scarcity and poverty consciousness and replace it with divine trust in the abundant flow of prosperity of all of the tangible and intangible joys of human living.

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