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Energetic Detox – Ebna Mayer Download. Do you wish for a magically easy way to detox… Everything? That doesn’t require a huge effort… lifestyle change… giv…

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Do you wish for a magically easy way to detox… Everything? That doesn’t require a huge effort… lifestyle change… giving up your favorite foods… extreme exercise… and moving to a pristine place with no pollution?

Energetic Detox by Ebna Mayer,
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Energetic Detox…

for your Body, Mind, Spirit, and Environment

Finally. A Total Detox!

Do you wish for a magically easy way to detox… Everything? That doesn’t require a huge effort… lifestyle change… giving up your favorite foods… extreme exercise… and moving to a pristine place with no pollution?

Seems impossible, right? And it is – if you rely only on physical detox. Or only emotional detox. Or only negative energy clearing. Or only Feng Shui. But this works on a whole different level. It’s incredibly easy… and comprehensive. It works on all areas of life. And it’s not“Magic.” It’s Energetic!

Learn How to Detox with Morphic Healing,  in this short video. You’ll learn to Tune In to where your body specifically needs to detox. And, even better, you’ll activate that detox – instantly.

With so many toxins in your cells, in your food, water and air… how can you know where to begin? Zillions of experts all give you conflicting advice. How can you tell what applies to you?

Find out what’s most important for you to Detox… right at this moment. Follow along with the simple technique in the video, and experience instant change! Most people say they get quick energy shifts!

Notice a change? Do you feel “lighter” or “brighter”?

That’s just a tiny example of what you’ll get in the 5 hours of audios, in Energetic Detox.

“Wow! I feel reborn! [The detox in Audio 2] caused a huge shift for me. I have never experienced anything as graceful, simple, powerful and easy as this.” – Kate, Australia

How Does it Work? Instead of working on your physical toxins, or your negative emotions, or your habits and patterns directly, you’ll do something much more effective: you’ll shift your energy field. It’s so much easier to work with Energy* first. After that, your Matter – and your Mind – and your habits and patterns – can all come on board (We call that Aligning). And then… you can finally start letting go of toxins, automatically.

But if you’re NOT Aligned with detoxing, nothing you do physically will be very effective… at least not for very long.

Have you Done Dozens of Different Detoxes?

Have you tried… juice fasts, wheatgrass, cleansing diets, chelation, colonics, cayenne and countless other herbs, liver flushes, mercury amalgam removal, saunas, lymphatic massage, exercise, etc… until you’re red in the face?

Get One product that can help with Everything!
Don’t just detox one area! That’s like cleaning your bathroom but leaving your kitchen dirty. (Not to mention your closet, basement, roof gutters and car!)

Get Rid of Hidden Toxins. Don’t just detox your Body. Hidden toxins also lurk in your Mind, Emotions, Energy Field, Home, Environment, etc. Most other detox systems only target one area. But this instant detox technique works on everything.

Are You Concerned About…

  • Fatigue, depression, brain fog, pain, inflammation?
  • Cancer, arthritis, asthma, or other illness that may be caused by toxic bacteria, chemicals… or emotions?
  • Hypersensitivity to your environment – or to other people?
  • Pesticides in your food; chemicals and hormones in your water; smog and radiation in the air; negative energy in your house?
  • GMOs, EMFs, PVC, MSG… or other toxic
  • Over-empathy: always picking up other people’s negative emotions or gloomy, fearful thoughts?
  • Feeling toxic or sluggish in general?

Energetic Detox addresses all of that – and tons more. It is much easier and more complete than a “Weekend Detox.” Even better, this product can energetically support your other detox programs: use this product along with your physical detoxing, to accelerate and amplify your results.

How Much Money do you Spend on Detox?

For about the cost of a single doctor’s visit – or a single trip to the health food store for cleanses, purges, and pills – you can zap a huge number of toxins, using Energetic Detox.

Use this product again and again – on anything and everything. It’s Effective and Efficient!

Works on Any Kind of Toxin…

  • Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites, Biofilms, Metals, Medications, Drugs, Foods, Environmental Toxins, etc
  • Future Cancer and Tumors – how to Disentangle from them!
  • Cellular and Organ Detoxification
  • Electromagnetic Fields, Microwaves, Nuclear Radiation, etc.
  • Toxic Emotions and Thoughts – Yours and Other People’s!
  • Family and Ancestral Patterns
  • Space Clearing, Geopathic Energies
  • Powerful and Effective Energetic Support for Your Other Detox Programs, Cleanses, Diets, etc
  • Lots and lots more…
  • And… Most Importantly… you’ll Activate Your Individual Detoxification, for Your Unique Needs!

Most Detox Products, Diets, etc…

… only work on the physical level. And that’s just a small fraction of reality! But the powerful “energy healing” audios in this product will create real shifts – on ALL levels – Matter, Mind, Energy and Information.

These Audios work with your Energy Field, to Create Instant Shifts

* Actually, you’re not strictly shifting “energy” – it’s more like shifting information fields, and morphic resonance – but we’ll get into all that, in the healing audios.. It sounds complex but it’s a super simple process that takes about a minute to learn. And it’s hugely powerful!

As you listen and follow along, you’ll quickly learn how to shift Energy rather than Matter or Mind!

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