Energy Training for Empaths – Wendy De Rosa



Energy Training for Empaths – Wendy De Rosa


Energy Training for Empaths – Wendy De Rosa Download. Discover how to stop taking on other people’s energy, create and maintain your energetic boundaries, …

Discover how to stop taking on other people’s energy, create and maintain your energetic boundaries, and reset your emotional center.

Energy Training for Empaths by Wendy De Rosa,
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Discover how to stop taking on other people’s energy, create and maintain your energetic boundaries, and reset your emotional center.

Connect with your empathic power by ‘detoxifying’ your chakras and your entire energy system.

Build a foundation for your intuitive healing gifts — and expand your ability to embody your Divine light.

Do you “feel” other people’s energy?

Do you sense when those around you are stressed, upset, or in need… and even find you take on their energy?

You might also “merge” with others out of love or in seeking intimacy…

As an overly empathic person, you may also feel pulled by the tremendous shifts happening on the planet and take in these energies as well.

Some of the physical and emotional symptoms of taking on other people’s energy are stress, agitation, overwhelm, or depletion — even depression, digestive issues, or physical illness can manifest.

In the past, you may have felt you were “too sensitive” — maybe you heard this from others as well? — but the fact is you simply haven’t learned to maintain your energetic boundaries and clear the blocks in your energy body to be able to manage the energy coming at you, so you tend to absorb it.

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In fact, as an empath, you may take on other people’s energy as a way to help them or calm them down, not realizing the damage it is doing by allowing them to ground through you.

Yet, clearing your chakras or reinforcing your auric field is not enough to shift this life-long pattern. You have to detoxify…

… resetting your entire energy body from within, and turning your attention to deep nurturing of your own energy system.

This is the most profound experience of self-love.

And, these are the essential building blocks for establishing a formidable, energetic grounding that allows you to stay connected to yourself while moving through your day and interacting with others.

Setting Energetic Boundaries & Grounding Into Your Power

Most likely you were raised in a time when parents did not know how to raise intuitive children. And now you have an opportunity to “reparent” your energy system and reprogram your mind so that you’re empowered — rather than overwhelmed — by your sensitivity.

It’s also likely you were raised in an environment where it wasn’t OK for you to be YOU… and there isn’t enough life force at the base of your spine to give your body a proper energetic foundation to be in the world as an empath.

If you’re overly empathetic, it can show up in different ways in your energy system.


Once you begin to detoxify your chakras and replenish your energy stores, many of these physical symptoms begin to resolve and your sense of YOU returns…

Clearing out old wounds and blocks, your system can finally receive the life-force energy it needs for you to thrive as an empowered,empathic human being.

Plus, when you can ground and connect to Self and the Divine, boundaries become clear and almost effortless. You’re no longer leaking your power or flailing in your sense of Self.

You are able to fully inhabit your energy body.

In this new training with leading intuitive healer and spiritual teacher Wendy De Rosa, you’ll learn all of this and much more!

Transform Your Empathic Nature Into Powerful, Intuitive Healing Guidance

Your sensitivity is actually a gift.

However, when you’re living with the consequences of not maintaining energetic boundaries and taking on other people’s energy in your chakras, it may not feel like a “gift.”

Yet, as an empath, your ability to sense other people’s energy, can empower you as an intuitive guide — healing yourself and others.

When you are anchored in your energy body, you have an innate ability to transmute negative energy into light when others walk into a room, without losing yourself. You can connect intimately and deeply with others, without absorbing their energy.

Tapping into (and trusting) this gift requires clear direction, proven practices, and a safe container, from a skilled mentor attuned to the unique challenges and energy systems of empathic and intuitive, people.

As an overly empathic person, you may have worked with your chakras and done clearings. Yet, healing works in layers, bringing into consciousness new awareness that trigger a new layer to clear.

This new training with Wendy De Rosa, will be a deep, energetic “restructuring,” in which you’ll clear blocks and reparent your younger consciousness (especially ages 0-7). This layer of your being is where your empathic intuition has been wounded or shut down and yearns for nurturing and expression.

When you join Wendy De Rosa for this 7-part program, you’ll:

  • Create the internal energetic conditions so you no longer absorb other people’s energy
  • Detoxify your energy system of old wounds and blocks
  • Learn the difference between being empathic and overly empathic
  • Recognize upside of emotional and energetic triggers (everything is designed for your healing and transformation)
  • Find a new capacity to speak your truth, which will shift your relationship with others and expand your connection with Source
  • Set vocal boundaries, which is imperative for you as an empath
  • Reparent and love yourself at the most profound level — your own energy system
  • Receive guided clearings and de-cord from negative energy
  • Clear your lower chakras, a key to grounding in your energy body, trusting your intuition and expressing your empathic nature
  • Learn to be in the world as a grounded, sensitive, radiant being
  • Attune more and more to your energy body — and become a container of Divine Light
  • Create a solid foundation for healing others using your gift of empathy and intuition

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules

In this 7-part transformational intensive, Wendy will guide you through the fundamental spiritual skills and competencies you’ll need to successfully discover how to stop taking on other people’s energy, create and maintain your energetic boundaries, and reset your emotional center.

The course sessions will each feature a teaching component, a deep guided healing for clearing and diving into your energetic body, and Q&A with Wendy to ask questions or share your experience. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to sustain your heart to access your spiritual gifts.

Module 1: Being an Empath

Your Greatest Challenge & Most Powerful Gift


Being an empath is a gift, yet if you’re overly empathic it can feel like a curse. And there are good reasons your energy body absorbs other people’s energy. In this first class with Wendy, you’ll find out why this happens so automatically and what’s occurring in your system as a result of taking on energy from others. You’ll receive practical tools to ground and reset your energetic body — plus a guided healing to clear out the energy.

You’ll discover:

  • The difference between being empathic and overly empathic
  • The upside of emotional and energetic triggers (everything is designed for your healing and transformation)
  • The structure and importance of your energetic anatomy
  • The vital role of energy clearing in your lower chakras, in trusting and developing your healthy, empathic intuition
  • A guided practice to clear other people’s energy from your energy body

Module 2: The Root of Your Empathic Nature

Grounding in Your 1st Chakra


In this class, you’ll go deeper into your energy system to unravel energy and re-parent parts of you that formed energetically as overly sensitive. Your capacity to heal and develop your empathic intuition rests in grounding in your lower body, where the most vital power resides, influencing the ways you operate in the world.

Ungroundedness is common and often chronic, in overly empathic people who’ve been conditioned to believe “it’s not ok for me to be me” or “it’s not ok for me to be sensitive.” To heal chronic ungrounding, a subconscious “holding” needs to release whatever is blocking trust, safety and fully being in your body.

You’ll discover:

  • An empowered way to be in your body with your sensitivity
  • How grounding and your root system define your energetic anatomy
  • What energy forms in your 1st chakra that shapes you, and affects your very foundation
  • How oversensitivity is a conditioning of early onset of fear and boundary crossing
  • Fear and beliefs you’ve internalized as a result of your empathic nature
  • How to locate your grounding cord and primary connection to the earth

Module 3: Rediscover & Reset Your Emotional Center


As an empath, you probably learned it was not acceptable for you to have your feelings and instead, you needed to take care of everyone else. In order to survive family dynamics, the second chakra, — your emotional center — became conditioned to the energy you absorbed from your caregivers and other people in your life. You either learned to leave your body or your second chakra shut down.

In order to find your emotional center again, you will need to clear out old, unwanted energy held here. In this module you’ll experience deep healing in the second chakra to reset your energetic and emotional center.

You’ll discover:

  • How your emotional boundaries relates to the 2nd chakra
  • How to clear other people’s energies in this area of the body to strengthens your ability to center
  • The role of guilt and shame in over-responsibility and having emotional boundaries
  • A guided practice to change the way you hold yourself in the world and around the energy of others
  • A definition of healthy, empathic intuition

Module 4: Cutting Cords & ‘Detoxing’ Your Solar Plexus


Your third chakra is the energy power center that “digests” the world. When grounding is compromised and the second chakra is overly absorbant, the third chakra blows open to feel everything in the room in order to help you navigate your surroundings.

The result, is that your solar plexus area takes in way too much energy, which can be debilitating or at minimum, overwhelming. Your third chakra center needs consistent tending to and clearing. This class will focus on specific ways to release energy, cut negative cords, and strengthen your sense of self and empowerment in this part of your energy system.

You’ll discover:

  • How and why you may be losing yourself around people or “big energy”
  • A way to energetically detox this power center of fear, confusion, and other people’s emotions
  • The key to cutting negative cords with others
  • Your true Self and energetic center, allowing you to operate from clear boundaries
  • A deep, guided healing in your third chakra to detox and reset your personal power

Module 5: Energetic Overwhelm as a Symptom of Spiritual Awakening


Anxiety or panic can be a symptom of energetic overwhelm often felt in the chest or Heart Chakra area. However, the heart responds to what’s going on deeper in the body. For this reason, the previous modules address the programming in the lower body that can be precursors for anxiety and sometimes depression.

Yet sometimes, anxiety is a symptom of spiritual awakening. As the heart expands and you are feeling called to something new, it can crack the structure of conditioning around the heart, giving a feeling of anxiety. Yet, there is a deeper part of you that wants to emerge. In this module, you will receive healing to support your soul’s expansion and a release of old conditioning around the heart.

You’ll discover:

  • What underlies racing in the heart, heart callings and panic from a spiritual perspective for empathic people
  • The hidden gifts of taking on the energy of others
  • How to stay “sourced” so you can be a healthy empath in the world
  • The role of your heart in empathic intuition

Module 6: Speaking Your Truth & Setting Vocal Boundaries


If a clearing is needed in the second chakra around boundaries, emotions and empathic intuition, your fifth chakra (throat chakra) also needs clearing. The throat chakra is a portal to energy blocks held in your heart and pelvis and lower body. And if you learned it wasn’t okay to feel your feelings, your second chakra holds the suppression of the Self. The throat then holds these unexpressed feelings — leaving a congestion of unprocessed fear and emotions from this lifetime and even past lives.

In this module, you’ll experience a powerful energy clearing to unblock your throat chakra and deepen your capacity to speak your truth and set boundaries — enhancing your healing and growth as an empath.

You’ll discover:

  • The relationship between the energy blockages in your pelvic area and second chakra and your throat and 5th chakra
  • A guided energy clearing in the throat chakra that empowers you to speak your truth and set clear boundaries to live more in your truth
  • A new capacity to speak your truth, which will shift your relationship with others and expand your connection with Source
  • How vocal boundaries and clearing the air is imperative for you as an empath

Module 7: Stop Making Assumptions & Make Space for Ascension


Part of being a healthy empath in the world is to not assume, guess, judge, or even intuit what is going on around you for you to feel safe.

This served to protect the empathic child in you and now the empathic adult needs to heal this pattern in order to stop absorbing the energy of others in your lower body.

You’re being called to a higher awareness of your intuitive gifts and your connection to the Divine. When you de-cord from others and find power in the central channel of your body, consciousness can open in your upper chakras.

This Divine opening is an ascension of the soul and this final class will be an “attunement” to lift any limitations and support you in embodying of your light and healthy empathic intuition.

You’ll discover:

  • A new level of spiritual growth, as a result of lifting the limitations in your mind and your 6th and 7th chakras
  • A shift from stagnant cording patterns in the lower body into an opening to dynamic, vertical, Divine Alignment
  • A deep release of negative thoughts in the upper crown and third eye area
  • You’re no longer living out of old wounds — but in alignment with your true gifts and fully occupying your powerful, healthy, intuitive Self

Here’s What You’ll Receive

Seven recorded 90-minute Class Sessions With Wendy De Rosa

Experience a rare opportunity to be mentored and learn with intuitive healer and trainer Wendy De Rosa — from the comfort of your own home. Each class session includes a video option and guides you to discover the specific skills and abilities to awaken your healing potential.

Seven PDF Transcripts of Class Sessions

In addition to the high-quality videos and MP3 audios, you’ll also receive the entire class transcription in PDF format. You can then review, print, and highlight the most important insights and practices you were given.

Exercises and Questions for Each Lesson

Between class sessions, you’ll have the option of completing related exercises, practicing new tools, and answering questions to accelerate your learning.

The Energy Training for Empaths Bonus Collection

  • Guided Healing on Connecting to Your Inner Child
    Audio Recording From Wendy De Rosa
  • Grounding Meditation
    Meditation From Wendy De Rosa
  • Are You an Empath? How to Stop Taking on the Energy of Others
    Audio Teaching From Wendy De Rosa

An Unprecedented Opportunity to Join the Energy Training for Empaths Virtual Training

We feel honored Wendy De Rosa has chosen to partner with The Shift Network to offer this exclusive online training. This is a rare opportunity to learn from a renowned intuitive healer whose powerful insights and pioneering work are helping us heal and awaken ourselves and our world.

Through this powerful online format, you’ll not only save time and money on workshop costs (plus travel, accommodations, and meals — which would cost thousands of dollars), you’ll be able to benefit from Wendy’s incredible teachings and exercises from the comfort of your home — and at your own pace!

If you’re serious about building a foundation for your intuitive healing gifts — and expanding your ability to embody your Divine light, then you owe it to yourself, your loved ones, and our world to take this one-of-a-kind training.

If you’re ready to take the next step in evolving yourself, click the register button below to reserve your space now.

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