Eutaptics Level 1 Training Online EPIT 101 – Faster EFT Robert Smith



Eutaptics Level 1 Training Online EPIT 101 – Faster EFT Robert Smith


Eutaptics Level 1 Training Online EPIT 101 – Faster EFT Robert Smith Download. This Eutaptics Master the Course with the highest standard in personal growt…

This Eutaptics Master the Course with the highest standard in personal growth and practitioner training is for everyone who wants a better life by being able to solve your problems and to help others. Healthy people evoke similar thoughts in others, this is a part of our faith and training system. Eutaptics Training is for everyone, even those who want to make a career out of helping others.

Eutaptics Level 1 Training Online EPIT 101 by Faster EFT Robert Smith,
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This Eutaptics Master the Course with the highest standard in personal growth and practitioner training is for everyone who wants a better life by being able to solve your problems and to help others. Healthy people evoke similar thoughts in others, this is a part of our faith and training system. Eutaptics Training is for everyone, even those who want to make a career out of helping others.

This program is the ‘user manual’ for changing your mind. It is designed to deliver a fast and deep personal changes for themselves. In this course you will learn how the mind works, how we process information and the foundation of tapping and thinking system of FasterEFT.

Robert Smith, Founder and CEO of Skills to Change Institute Inc. is giving everyone the opportunity to find out to change and improve the quality of life emotionally, financially, relationship wise and health wise, powerful set of teachable skills.

FasterEFT – Eutaptics is the best, and only the personal growth system that allows you to experience real-time results. This training includes the best teachings combined into one, simple, but highly effective program. The richness of content it delivers profound changes. Found skills, which are faith and easy to apply, while delivering quick results that speak for themselves.

Know Before You Start

Embark on a positive new path, starting Eutaptics Practitioner Level I Training. This program offers specialized training through the many tools and techniques. You will get an action plan, how to address, interpret and answer the questions, but most will be part of an online community with like-minded people to practice and follow with.

This program will enable you to address any issue and to teach six basic ways of changing the memory, which is very necessary for redesigning a new life, and to eliminate hurdles to the business success. These exercises in the program will automatically allow you to experience the emotional and mental changes.

What You Will Receive

EUTAPTICS Training Course Material FasterEFT Methods and Modalities ($895 value for free)

A. R. T. CHANGE exercise, that open the door to answer the questions. A. R. T. CHANGE assessment is a powerful process designed to End the question, the Release of force and motion, and to Convert memory into a more positive one. ($600 value free)

Four hours Technique’ Demonstration Videos ($399.00 price free)*

30-Day Action Plan ($175 value free)*

$1,000.00 Tuition Discount on the full price of the Live Seminar Level I Training ($1,497**) anywhere in the world. (Must register in advance for live trainings. Contact [email protected] details)

This Online training gives you instant access to their videos and you can watch them on your computer, tablet, or smart phone from the comfort of your own home anytime you want.

**If you are a Buyer Level 1 FEFT practitioner (or higher), you can take this course for a special retake fee. Retakes will receive hands on, and all the online material, but NOT other printed materials. Contact [email protected] for more details.

Training Course Description

This course will present techniques in a simple, understandable only. Shows how stimuli or events in your life, and not directly the cause of the weak offended. This course will show you that your beliefs, thoughts and habits, although the body felt, under your control.

Dr. Richard Y C KONG PhD in Microbiologia a Faster EFT on Vimeo.

In this course you will learn how to to heart problems effectively by self-help procedure that works quickly.

Training Course Goals

  • To enable you to be in tune with your feelings and appropriately transform around the world.
  • To give you the skills to effectively handle challenges with more clarity.
  • Explain how emotions and stress work.
  • To teach you how to change mastered your mental and physical destiny.
  • To help you achieve deep changes and to develop radically new outlooks on life.
  • To give you a technique for changing all areas of life – the beliefs, fears and habits, which limited our ability to be truly happy.
  • To effectively show that you are in control of your mental, physical and behavioral problems, and to convince you to take action.
  • To show that you can create positive she wants, wants, preferences, choices and values, as well as change negative limiting beliefs.
  • Explain how to be independent and inside straightforward, and, I think, to you, instead of being controlled by your environment.
  • To show you how to “take control” in the uncontrolled world, and experience happiness under difficult and “impossible” conditions.
  • To help you understand the main roots of the mind/body disorders, and be able to create changes in you.
  • To illustrate the behavior of responsible and become an individual: first, “know yourself”; second, that wise choices by loving and accepting yourself; the third, live a happy and successful life. This is weird.

Requirements: Game 1 Eutaptics Doctor Program

The requirements are the same requirements to Live as Level 1 trainings: For more information, see: Doctor Specialists.

We also offer a Level 1 Online Mentorship with Level 4 or Level 5 the Doctor once or twice a month to help guide you through the lessons. If you are interested in participating in free on the live calls please [email protected] to the very details.

That Life You Want Today!

Once you have logged in or purchased a course, you must write in the course by clicking on the “START TAKING THIS COURSE” button in the top of the page. Once you have registered, the course system to help keep track of your training progress so you can return at any time to continue where he stopped.

Training, Day 1


Lesson 02 – Full Video

  • 2b. Intelligent Idiot and the Law of Attraction
  • The History Of FasterEFT
  • Lesson 01 – Full Video
  • 1a. Two Models Of The World
  • 2a. How Energy and Opinions you Need
  • 2c. Why We have Problems
  • 2d. The power behind the Law of Attraction
  • 2e. Everything Within You is
  • 2f. A Simple Way Of Tapping

Lesson 03 – Full Video

  • 3a. Overview
  • 3b. Question: How do We Distort our Memories
  • 3c. What is Faith?
  • 3d. How to Change your Faith?
  • 3e. The First Principle – Imprints
  • 3f. How to Work with someone who has no real good memories of someone
  • 3g. 4 Ways To Internalize Memories
  • 3h. Be Smart – Tap from the Bad Stories and the factors that Affect You

Lesson 04 – Full Video

  • 4a. Common Beliefs as to Why we have Problems
  • 4b. Adventure is the Key to Changing your Life
  • 4c. Six Ways to Re-verify the Memory
  • 4d. Short you ARE Change and Tapping

Training Day 2 – Tapping Day


Lesson 05 – Full Video

  • 5a. The brain is an Operating System
  • 5b. What do I Need to Go Back to the Bad Memories
  • 5c. The opposite of Love and the Steps Real Change
  • Lesson 06 – FasterEFT Session to Be set up, and so angry
  • Lesson 07 – FasterEFT Session – Pain & Damage
  • Lesson 08 – Session – Fear he is going to hurt me
  • Lesson 09 – Session – I am Incredibly nervous to die alone
  • Lesson 10 – Make FasterEFT Part Of Life The Spice Of Life
  • Lesson 11 – Overview Of Different Ways Of Tapping

Training Day 3


Lesson 15 – Full Video

01 – Test

  • Lesson 12 – Intro – you are doing your Life from your experiences
  • Lesson 13 – Test 01 Review Part 1
  • Lesson 14 – Test 01 Review Part 2

Training Day 4


  • Lesson 17 – civil engineering
  • Lesson 18 – Full Video
  • Lesson 19 – Full Video
  • Lesson 21 – The Metaphoric Mind – A Session
  • Lesson 22 – the ART of Change Session – Heather
  • Lesson 23 – Overview
  • 18b. The Power Of All Healing Modalities

Lesson 16 – Full Video

  • 16a. Placebo & Nocebo In The Power Of The Mind
  • 16b. The universal Pattern of Creation: Faith is the Law of Attraction
  • 16c.The Subconscious is Stronger in Weaker Modality
  • 18a. The History Of FasterEFT
  • 19a. Why Tapping Works, Part 2
  • 19b. Defractionation Demo
  • 19c. Defractination with the Phone App
  • 19d. There are many Ways to Defrac
  • 19e. The Defrac Exercise

Lesson 20 – Full Video

  • 20a. The Flow A. R. T. CHANGE Assessment

Training Day 5


Lesson 29 – Homework

Lesson 30 – Trading Places

  • 25a. Designed Using The Good Memories
  • 27b. How to Work on You
  • 28b. Technique demonstration

Reading 24/25 – Full Video

  • 25b. The ART of Exercise Change

02 – Test

Lesson 26 – Video Test 02

  • 26a. The mind and Body
  • 26b. How to Use Tapping

Lesson 27 – Full Video

  • 27a. How do You Know when You are Done with a Memory

Lesson 28 – Full Video

  • 28a. The protocol we Follow

Training Day 6


Lesson 32 – Testimonial and exercise Submodality Tapping

Lesson 33 – A New Recourses / Borrowing Technique

Lesson 35 – You can Put Anything in the Memory – Group Exercise

Lesson 36 – Integration Technique

Lesson 38 – Mindfulness, Affirmations + Exercise

Lesson 39 – Full Video

37c. From Manic Depression to Fully Power a Woman

03 – Test

Lesson 31 – Video Test 03

Lesson 34 – Submodalities adjustment Exercise Food

Lesson 37 – Full Video

37a Use of the Integration Process

37b. Mental Disorders

39a. Goals & Dreams Exercise

39b. Favor & Gems

Lesson 40 – What do we do at Habilitat

Lesson 41 – Full Intake + Session

Lesson 42 – Review

Training Day 7


04 – Test

Lesson 43 – Video Test 04

Lesson 44 – 30 Day Action Plan



Look Technique

The Camera Technique

S. A. B. I. technique demonstration



Defrac You Exercise

The Mirror Exercise

A. R. T. CHANGE Assessment Exercise

Other Lessons

Submit Notes Level 1

Author: Robert G. Smith

To submit your Level 1 characters here. Do you must click on the “Submit Module Requirements”. Once there you will see a question where you can upload a file. Upload your material there. The notes need to affirm that you are understanding the concepts that you have learned. So, when taking notes,…

Submit Targeted Level 1

Author: Robert G. Smith

You need to log 10 hours of personal sessions with at least 2 approved Eutaptics Level 4 or 5 Practitioners. These sessions are of receiving Eutaptics poverty. To qualify, a doctor must be using Eutaptics modality. Log sheets must use can be found below. The other Sessions Log Sheet is…

Submit The Agreement Format Level 1

Author: Robert G. Smith

You must also submit the consent forms for any doctor who appears in your Personal Sessions Log Sheet.

Submit Accountability Form

Author: Robert G. Smith

In the Attractive form of Accountability Form is the use of the sheet, where you logged practicing the different techniques of 10 times. These institutions, if possible with other Level I students. If you have any questions please contact the office by emailing [email protected].

Action Plan Level 1

Length: 22 minutesAuthor: Robert G. Smith

The action plan is designed to guide you through the Level 1 process while reiterating the skills and terminology. It helps you to set personal goals and creates a plan for you each week. After completing the Action Plan, please, “complete quiz” and indicate that you have finished the design. It is not necessary…

Level 1 Certification Test

Author: Robert G. Smith

After completing all other requirements for Level 1 Certification now you can begin to take the Certification test. This test covers all the knowledge you accumulated in your Level 1. When graded, you will receive an email level. This email also contains a link to review your test…

Level 1 Competency Assessment

Author: Robert G. Smith

This recipe is a live assessment, to be completed, approved Eutaptics the Upper Level of the Doctor after you have completed other Level 1 requirements. Please [email protected] for a list of approved doctors. This assessment can be done over Skype or Zoom. When the assessment is completed, please click on the button below and ask…

How to find the courage – not Having the mind

Length: 6 minutesAuthor: Robert G. Smith

NLP online course

What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Neuro refers to your neurology;

Also refers to language; programming refers to how that neural language functions.

In other words, learning NLP is like learning the language of your mind!

NLP is the study of excellent communication–both with yourself and with others.

It was developed by modeling excellent communicators and therapists who got results with their clients.

NLP is a set of tools and techniques, but so much more than that.

It is an attitude and a method of identifying how to achieve your goals and results


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