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Expert Secrets Masterclass – Russell Brunson Download. Find out what you are passionate about – If you had no obligations and could do anything you want, w…

Find out what you are passionate about – If you had no obligations and could do anything you want, what would you do?

Expert Secrets Masterclass by Russell Brunson,
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Day 1

Module 1: You: An Expert

Never stop learning

Find out what you are passionate about – If you had no obligations and could do anything you want, what would you do?

When you hit a plateau you need to make a radical change. Sharing/contributing is a great way to do this


1. What are you passionate about? Take the time to figure it out

2. Are you passionate about marketing? Maybe that is your niche. Find an expert that you can become the marketing person for.

3. Learn how to do what you are passionate about. Get proficient at it

4. Document everything.

  • Keep putting content out there.
  • This is how you find your voice
  • This is how you find out what people respond to, and what the right message is
  • “Let the market tell you what you want”
  • Find your channel that is most comfortable: live video, podcast, blogging, emails
  • Be consistent. Do it every day
  • Talk about what you are doing. Document your process. Keep it simple

5. Create your own training course. For most people it is best to start with the role of Reporter (see Dotcom Secrets page 68)

6. After you complete this journey as a reporter you will feel “absolute certainty”. You end up an Expert at the end

7. Document the process as you help others

Who do you want to serve? Try to think hard about it and answer this question.

Module 2: Create Your Irresistible Offer

Be prepared to do lots of “trial and error”. First offer will not be a home run!

You have to figure out what your audience will respond to

Use a “framework” to help people “visualize” your training. Draw a simple picture or diagram. The framework is your foundation; it helps tie everything together

(know your cost to acquire a customer)

4 Phases

1. Figure out what your “system” is

  • how do you get someone the promised result?
  • Need a repeatable process
  • Can you create an outline or (table of contents) in an organized fashion?
  • Take everything you learned in your “growth” phase and put it in a logical order that people can follow
  • Look at other peoples’ process/systems. What can you do to improve upon them? “Cherry Pick” the best ideas from lots of other experts in your field
  • ASK your audience what they want to hear

2. Create Your Offer

  • Don’t create a “product”. A product is a commodity, which leads to a “race to the bottom” in pricing
  • An offer is a group of products/items/solutions that provides a ton of value. It differentiates your core product from the rest of market.

3. Create Your Stack

  1. Good starting program is 6 week program that takes them through your system
    • Need to have a visible “end point”
    • Should last longer than the refund period
  2. What tools can you give them that will make the process easier?
    • Vehicle tools
    • Internal tools
    • External tools
  3. Try to think of everything they might need to maximize their chances of success
  4. Goal should be to help them make 10X what they spend on your offer
    • Think of what the value will be in their mind, i.e. “what is it worth to them?”
    • Assign price values to all of the components of your offer. If it is not worth 10X you need to add more or make the components more sexy/appealing

4. Identify the “Next Thing”

  • This will be used for your upsell
  • If it is ecommerce instead of the “next thing” first upsell should be more of the same thing.
  • For info products next thing needs to “scratch a different itch” (this is because once your customer buys your core offer you have already satisfied their need in their mind)

Underachievers guide – (tangent by Russell that was worth noting)

  1. Find a hot market that is passionate about that thing
  2. Ask the market what they want. The market really only cares about what they want
  3. Give it to them!


How do you ask people what they want?

– Do a fb live (or blog or whatever) and invite them to ask their number one question in the comments.

– it needs to be specific and sexy, i.e. instead of “what do you want to ask about losing weight?”, ask “what’s your number one question about losing weight with Ketosis combined with intermittent fasting?”

How does this work in an e-commerce setting?

– sell an offer, not a product

I’m in a niche that is becoming a “red ocean”. How do I make it a “blue ocean” again?

– find the submarket or smaller niche

– find your “tribe” that you want to work with and serve

– where is the market underserved

I have a bunch of things I’m good at, how do I decide what to drill into and become an expert in?

– what is it to think about when you have nothing to think about? Step into that, and keep refining

– step into the darkness. Take action. You will find it.

I don’t want to be the face of my business. What are my options?

– Ask yourself why. Nervous and worried/uncomfortable is not a good reason. You can overcome this

– If you really can’t do it, find someone for your team to do it

Day 2

Module 3

site note – always pay attention when you see a “master” selling (webinar, live presentation, etc.) take note of what they do and how they sell.

The elements of the foundation:

The Big Domino

Take time to figure out what is the “one thing” that you need to do to open up all the other opportunities on your path to success.

What is the “one objection” that you need to overcome in order to get your prospect to listen to you? If you overcome this one objection all other objections will be irrelevant

Example: Network Marketing

What is the story in their mind that makes them not like network marketing? How can you get them to see things the way you see them?

See Expert Secrets page 132 – False Belief Patterns

  1. What is false belief? i.e. if I push network marketing I’ll lose my friends and family
  2. What experience started it? i.e. they tried it once years ago and pissed off friends
  3. What is the story they tell themselves? i.e. nm makes you lose you lose your friends
  4. You tell your story that “trumps” their story

You need to provide a counter story that “trumps” their story. Figure out how to make their one false belief irrelevant and tell them what will happen.

Epiphany Bridge

You can use an “epiphany bridge” for your story that will overcome their objection. Describe in detail that one moment when you realized everything was different from what you thought, or the thing you were stuck on didn’t matter, etc.

After your epiphany you realize you can never go back to the way you thought before.

People never buy logically. They only buy emotionally. Let them have their own epiphany. Then your work is done.

You don’t do any selling. You just tell the story

Stay away from “techno-babble” – industry specific terms and phrases that have no emotional impact.

If you feel the urge to use techno-babble, translate it into a “kinda like” bridge. The kinda-like bridge takes the from a starting point of something they understand well, and compares it to the new concept

– example: Ketones are “kinda like” a million motivational speakers running through your body

Hero’s Two Journeys (pg 103)

The character has the primary story, but also a secondary story which is usually a growth of character

Epiphany Bridge Script – page 114, 115. This sequence pull’s them through the hero’s two journeys

  1. Backstory
  2. Desires
    • External – the obvious physical thing that you are trying to get to
    • Internal – this is the one that resonates with people. The more vulnerable you are, the more people will connect with you
  3. Wall – an obstacle that you have to overcome. Talk about the struggles you went through
  4. Epiphany
  5. Plan
  6. Conflict
  7. Achievement
  8. Transformation

If your story won’t resonate with all of your audience, find someone in your tribe who has an alternate story. Ask them the same 8 questions and capture them telling there story on video. Get lots of these videos and share them.

Sales = telling emotional stories that are true

People want to buy. It makes them feel good. Just give them a reason to want to spend their money with you.

A story can be really short or really long.

The 4 Core Epiphany Bridge Stories

Origin Story – this helps people relate. For some people this is enough to knock down their domino

  1. Vehicle Opportunity
  2. Internal
  3. External

False Belief Patterns

  1. Vehicle of the opportunity
  2. Internal fears
  3. External

Think about your prospects. What are their false beliefs? Write down as many as you can. Do the steps on page 132 of the book.

How to Overcome False Beliefs

  1. List all the false beliefs your customers might have
  2. What experiences might have caused those beliefs?
  3. What stories are they telling themselves because of those experiences?
  4. What is your E. Bridge story to counter that?

Your job is not to teach. Your job is to change someone.

This works on webinars, fb live, live seminars etc. It doesn’t matter

Module 4 – 2 Comma Club

Three Secrets

Secret 1: Give yourself a raise every single day

What to sell? How to sell it? (this is basically what Expert Secrets is all about)

  1. Who is attractive character / leader?
  2. What is the cause?
  3. What is the opportunity?
    • opportunity stack
    • opportunity switch

1 Process to give yourself a raise every day:

Schedule a webinar every week and do it consistently. You will suck at first because you don’t know what/how to sell. But you will learn, and within a year you will have figured it out. Review the questions from each webinar, and find ways to answer those questions/objections in your webinar presentation. Every time you go through an iteration you will increase the amount you earn.

The more offers you make, the faster you figure this out.

You will do better if you focus on one business

2 How to grow to the next level:

  • Aquisition Funnels
  • Ascension Funnels
  • Monetization Funnels

3 How to convert cold traffic

This may be the next book: “Traffic Secrets”

Secret 2: You are One Funnel Away

The next one you try could be the one that changes everything! You have to keep taking action to find it..

Secret 3: The Second Million is Way Easier to Make

Associate with people who have made it to where you want to go. They can help “pull” you up to them.

Day 3

Module 5

Russell breaks down what he did and why he did it when he did the 2 Comma Club pitch the day before

Question from Day 2 – Will this work for my business?”

This process that he taught applies to EVERY business

Russell demonstrates it for a chiropractic business. Tell his story about his chiropractor friend. Does not want to sell 1:1. Figure out a way to pitch to many at one time. Perfect Webinar was the solution for him and now he is crushing it.

Example: Carpet Cleaning business

Tell the origin story – why did you get into the business – i.e. Clean carpets helped his kids not be sick any more

Tell a story about all the things that can soil the carpet, and what a difference it can make if you could keep the carpets clean

Turn your products from commodities into offers.

What is the vehicle? – monthly or quarterly “auto-pilot” plan?

– address fear. i.e. cost is too much, but if it helps you stay more healthy that will save money

External factors – Doesn’t have enough money to pay for it. Tell them about referral program that pays them so they can start making money

Don’t be afraid to make the offer. This is the natural end point after telling your stories. You are offering to “remove their pain”

Ask their permission – “is it ok if I tell you about an offer that can help remove this problem from your life?” They will always say yes, and then it is like they asked you to give them the sales pitch.

Look for the hook. Why is it exciting? Keep asking “why” until you get to the real hook behind everything.

Another example – golf pro’s “hook” was the day he saw how well a one-legged golfer was hitting. It changed his stance and improved his results!

Russell recommends you actually create your powerpoint presentation (using Perfect Webinar script) telling your story. This makes it tangible and usable! If you REALLY want results you need to present that as a webinar once a week, every week for a year. Every week you should refine based on questions or imperfections that come up in the webinar.

Perfect Webinar Hack

Write out the key components on the whiteboard and then talk through them in a live FB Video or something like that.

Questions for the PW Hack:

Question 1: Whats the new opportunity I’m offering?

Question 2: What is the one Big Domino for this offer?

Go through all of the pieces of the Big Domino process

One of Russell’s favorite headline templates:

How to ________(achieve something great) in the next _________ (short time period)

Question 3: What special offer can I create for those who purchase?

What is the Stack?

Question 4: What is my Epiphany Bridge origin story?

Question 5: What are the 3 false beliefs they have? What stories will overcome those beliefs?

For the “costs too much” false belief he addressed that by telling how if you can finance it with a credit card all you have to do is make enough with your new business to pay the minimum on the credit card each month.

Virtual Book Tour 

Step 1 – Dream 100

Get your Dream 100 going already! Start with a list of who already has your customers in their list. Ask them to join you for an interview on a live video to promote your product.

Dream 100 Core Markets

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships

Each of those has submarkets. Create your own “blue ocean” submarket. Find someone in the submarket that you are within who has similar customers

  • Who has email lists?
  • Who are the bloggers?
  • Who has podcasts?
  • Who are the social influencers?

You have to do research to understand your market and all of the players.

1 – Think about how you can provide value

“Dig your well before you’re thirsty” – so you have something that you can provide when you need it

2 – Send them something – packages. People will ignore emails, but they will always open packages

3 – Ask them for something

Step 2 – Do Some Live Videos

Do a FB Live video with top people that can be promoted in their feed/channel (could be fb, youtube, etc.). Take 10-15 minutes to do a live interview with this person, then tell them you will spend ad money to promote that video in their own feed and you will give all of the affiliate commissions to them. This provides incentive for them to help you.

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