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Sedona Method-Self-Love and Compassion – Hale Dwoskin


Sedona Method-Self-Love and Compassion – Hale Dwoskin Download. We judge, reject, and beat ourselves up rather than appreciate our inner goodness. We see o…

We judge, reject, and beat ourselves up rather than appreciate our inner goodness. We see ourselves as limited, unworthy, and less than perfect. Yet this could not be further from the truth.

Sedona Method-Self-Love and Compassion by Hale Dwoskin,
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Most of us experience more self-hate than self-love.

We judge, reject, and beat ourselves up rather than appreciate our inner goodness. We see ourselves as limited, unworthy, and less than perfect. Yet this could not be further from the truth.

In every moment there is a beauty and perfection, both within us and around us, waiting to be discovered. As you learn to have self-love and self-compassion your life takes on a totally new quality that enlivens and enriches everything that you experience.

On this course you will learn to open to the love that is The Self and love for yourself. We will cover…

Letting Go of Wanting to Change Yourself

We often forget that our wanting to change how our body/mind is often does not help us change it. Instead, the more we want to change the way we are the more we focus on the negative and magnify our negative perceptions. This then becomes a self-fulfilling prophetic loop. The more you let go of wanting to change the body/mind the more you can change what needs to be changed and the more you can accept what is already perfect the way it is.

From Rejection to Acceptance

We spend a lot of time rejecting parts of our body/mind. The more we reject our body/mind the more it feels like it is rejecting us back. If we are rejecting our body/mind it feels like we are at war with it instead of being supported by it and the more we actually do things that are not in our highest and best good. By letting go of rejecting yourself you naturally move into more acceptance and more nurturing, caring energy flowing both towards the body/mind and from the body mind towards you.

Forgiving Yourself for Everything

We spend a lot of time feeling guilty for all our shortcomings, mistakes, and failings. The more guilty we feel the more we punish ourselves for our real or imagined failings. When we are punishing ourselves we only repeat the past patterns that are causing us to feel badly in the first place which creates a cycle of disappointment and unnecessary suffering. As you learn to forgive yourself and love yourself instead you break this pattern and free yourself to be your highest and best self.

Honoring Yourself as You Are

We rarely if ever truly honor our body/minds. We often go between using, abusing them, or simply ignoring and rejecting them. The more you honor yourself as you are the more you respect and nurture yourself naturally. This leads to a greater sense of mutual respect and understanding between you and your body/mind and this honor and respect spills over into how you relate to others. The whole world cooperates more when approached with honor, respect, love, and compassion.

Practicing Loving Kindness with Yourself

We often treat our cars and pets better than we treat ourselves. When you allow yourself to consciously practice loving kindness with yourself you find that you start to treat your body/mind with the love and compassion that nurtures and heals instead of pouring salt on inner or outer wounds. Plus, as you practice loving kindness with yourself you naturally start doing it with apparent others which makes the world better for everyone.

Being Grateful for Who You Are

Gratitude is a powerful inner force for good. When you focus this power on yourself by allowing yourself to feel grateful for who you are, and what you already have and do, this produces almost magical positive changes within and around you. The more grateful you feel the more you are giving reasons to be even more grateful.

Looking for Your Strengths 

We so often look at ourselves from the perspective of how we are not measuring up to our own or other people’s expectations. When you look for your own strengths instead of weaknesses you tap your inner power. As you tap this inner power you discover there are no limits to your inner strength except the ones you impose on yourself.

Embracing the Perfection

When we simply look for what we want to change and try and let go and change it this sometimes is not enough. It helps to actively look for what is already perfect in our lives. The more you search for perfection the more you find it. This helps you to feed your positive perceptions of yourself which helps you see and create the sense of perfection with how things are now. The more you feel the perfection the happier you are and the more you can love, accept and be compassionate with yourself.

You Are More than Skin and Bones

When we feel like we are just skin and bones we live in fear and contraction. We also feel dependent on our body/minds which breeds contempt and resentment. The more you recognize that you are not simply skin and bones the more you can take care of your body and the more your body takes care of you. You also feel much more relaxed and at ease within your own skin which boosts your self-love and compassion for yourself and apparent others.

You Are Not Your Story

Most if not all of our problems are based on the stories we are telling ourselves from our past. The more we believe and identify with our stories the more we forget that they are just stories. This causes us to lose ourselves in our stories as opposed to liberating ourselves to have, be and do whatever we choose. You can recognize that you are so much more than anything you believe about yourself.

Seeing a Positive Future for Yourself 

Isn’t it time for you to see a positive future for yourself? As we allow ourselves to let go of our negative expectations and envision a positive future for ourselves we are allowing our energy to flow in more positive and constructive directions. The more you allow yourself to do this the more likely you are to experience positive outcomes.

True Self-Love Means Loving the One Self

To allow yourself to truly love yourself you need to love all of you. The part most of us ignore is the part of us that is already free of all limitation and is our true home and beingness. When we lovingly pay attention to this that we truly are then all self-doubt and self-loathing starts to dissolve and we are free to be in love with all that is. We are also freeing ourselves from the limits of believing that the body/mind is who we are.

So if you are ready to be happier and lighter, and watch your life become better on every level, join me on this exciting and powerful new course.

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