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Self-hosted Email Services – ATM Autoresponder


Self-hosted Email Services – ATM Autoresponder Download. All-in-one Email Marketing automation for companies of any size, Deploy SMTP Servers In Bulk SMTP …

All-in-one Email Marketing automation for companies of any size, Deploy SMTP Servers In Bulk SMTP Smart rotation with Automatic IP Warmup and monitoring with auto adjust sending speed per IP based on Blacklist and SendScore, Turn leads into buyers with the #ROCO method.

Self-hosted Email Services by ATM Autoresponder,
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Self-Hosted Email Marketing… SIMPLIFIED

All-in-one Email Marketing automation for companies of any size, Deploy SMTP Servers In Bulk SMTP Smart rotation with Automatic IP Warmup and monitoring with auto adjust sending speed per IP based on Blacklist and SendScore, Turn leads into buyers with the #ROCO method.

All-in-one Email Marketing

Platform to Grow Your Business

Grow your lists, increase conversions, and optimize your audience engagement.

Host Anywhere

You have the freedom to install your ATMv3 Master and Soldiers anywhere you want.

Easy and Simple to Use

Just fill the info into the form and Click Start Install – no technical skills required.

Amazing Unique Features

Features that will save you money and make your life so much easier.

Unlimited Installs

We give you the freedom to install as many systems as you like given the fact that we want you to succeed.

No Coding

Super Simple Online form to run Install Process… even in BULK.

Smart Segments

Segment your list based on their behavior… Copy or Move to a Smart List. 

Save You Money

Cut out the middleman and get more for your money, Get access to IPs source.

ATMv3 Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Do Email Marketing Without The Constant Fear That Your Autoresponder Will SHUT YOU DOWN

#ROCO method

Raw – Open – Click – Optin

Starts with Raw data (CSV file Import or data feed)

Turn leads into buyers.


The goal is simply get the subscriber to Open an email. 


Once they open, You’ll create more smart Campaigns that targets them to Click.


The goal then becomes to make them Optin or to send them directly to your offer.


This is where the relationship building can truly comence.

Okay, let me ask you a question. 

Which is better? To send the exact same message to all your list or to send several different messages?

Smart Tags

One of the main issues you probably get stuck at is the content of the campaigns and how to randomize them to bypass filters, for that I built a Superior Way To Spin Your Campaigns. spin Sender Name, Send From Email, subject line, preheader and every part in campaign body. Now you can send unlimited unique campaigns using a single smart campaign.

Smart Funnel

What are the chances you will optin this time if you will see the exact same page? Not a high chance right?! That’s exactly why I built the Smart Funnel.
This feature will show your visitors a new funnel on every visit! with Drag & Drop builder you can Spin Headlines, sub-headlines or any other text in your page, you can also Spin images, links or even videos to get your visitor attention.

Smart Link

Generate more money from the same traffic.With smart link you just need to add offers and attach them GEO and Device, after you added the links you will send all your visitors to a single url while they will redirected to an offer based on GEO and device type.

ATMv3 Lets You Take The Power Back From The Tech Guys And All The Faceless Companies and Gives You The Power You Need To Automate Your Idea Into Reality…And Into Money.

Smart Scrub

Save Money On List Cleaning While Getting Much Better Results!

Email List Hygiene Companies ATMv3 SmartScrub Integrate with 

No more having to go to different scrubbing services to upload and download

It’s all here in one place. Your one stop shop!

Admin Automation Features

Learn The Power Of ATMv3 In Every Step

Online Install Form

No tech skill necessary, just fill the online form with your server info and click to start the install. All the techy stuff are automated for you, Cool right? 
The system will start running the install automation on your server.

Bulk SMTP Creation

Turn server into an SMTP with a CSV file, Multiple Installs super easy and fast. You need to fill up a CSV file with your servers IPs, Domains and use that csv file to install ATM Soldier on each server, can’t get easier than this!. You want to scale? 🙂 Go ahead no one is stopping you!

10/10 Email Records

First, here you don’t need to do anything ATM install form will setup all the email records you will ever need! DKIM, SPF, DMARC, EHLO, TLS ,DNS, rDNS/PTR, everything is setup for you in the install automation process.

SSL encryption

Every Master or Soldier you will install will come with a free and automated SSL, again, You don’t need to do anything it’s all done for you.

Bulk DNS

We created a Full API automation that will do all the DNS for you in a single click, Just think how much time you are going to save, not to mention the headaches. Check this out, this is what you need to do… Download the sample file and fill the info of your soldiers, Next import the file and click on the button. Done! Easy right? 

SMTP Smart Rotation

SMTP rotation is a pretty basic feature now days BUT not in ATM! We create Stealth Soldiers that will never “expose” your Master IP or Domain, You are able to spin the from@ email, control the sending speed, force sender, force reply email and attach a specific Soldier to a specific Campaign or Segment… Now, let’s say you want to use a 3rd party SMTP. You can! Just add it in the Sending servers and start sending.

MX Dripper

This amazing feature is on of the most important parts in your warmup process, You will use the Mx dripper to Bulk Import a big list into your Master server, the dripper will run an MX Check for each email, next, the system Split the emails into MX families, When I say families I mean email service providers with the same “owner” Let’s take Outlook family for example, Outlook MX are the same for Live, MSN, Outlook and Hotmail. So if we would set the limits by domain we will send 4 times to the same MX and get blocked without even knowing. 
With MX DRIPPER it will not happen. Not only that! Amazing right?

Smart Scrub

This feature will save you TON of money on list cleaning. The Smart Scrub will clean your list Using multi layer cleaning and verifing, Not only you will save money on list cleaning, you will also save s lot of time. 

Whitelisting Service

Here is where I take this to the next level! My team will whitelist your domains, IPs and campaigns. All you need to do is to add your Master API to the Whitelisting service and we will do all the rest for you, Your system will send your campaigns to our 12000+ email seed accounts that include Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and My team will read your emails daily, mark them as important, never send to spam, add to contacts and randomly reply back to your email to increase the engagement.


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